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[IN] GLOW Radiance Cure

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The beauty cure for revitalized and luminous skin with hyaluronic acid and patented wheat lipid extract!


    2 Star Ingredients:


    The lipid structure of the skin is composed of 50% ceramides.
    We have selected plant-based ceramides derived from wheat. Through a patented extraction process, these ceramides are highly concentrated and gluten-free.

    Wheat lipid extract rapidly and effectively hydrates and enhances the skin.


    This molecule naturally maintains proper hydration of our skin.

    Unlike topical application, oral absorption allows for a more even and long-lasting distribution of hyaluronic acid throughout the different layers of the skin, particularly the deeper layers.

    In addition to these exceptional ingredients, we have added a vitamin and mineral complex to boost the effectiveness of the formula, along with fruit juices for natural antioxidants and taste.

    Ingredients per 15ml (1 vial):

    Vitamin C 80mg (100% NRV*), Hyaluronic acid 40mg, Wheat lipid extract 30mg, Vitamin B3 16mg (100% NRV*), Zinc 10mg (100% NRV*), Vitamin B6 1.4mg (100% NRV*), Vitamin A 460µg (50% NRV*).

    *NRV = Nutrient Reference Value


    Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink one vial. Drink it either pure or diluted.

    For a quick hydrating treatment, for dry eyes, after surgery, or during summer vacations, we recommend a 2-week treatment accompanied by consuming 1.5 liters of water per day.
    For a full-body radiance treatment, we recommend a 1-month treatment.
    For sensitive, damaged, and dry skin, we recommend a 2-month treatment during the dry season.
    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and avoid consuming other dietary supplements simultaneously.

    This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

    Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before use.

    Store in a dry place, away from light, at room temperature.

    Keep out of reach of young children.



    After just two weeks of treatment:

    REVITALIZES the skin: +18% increased elasticity and smoothness*

    DEEPLY HYDRATES: +23% improved hydration*

    REVEALS complexion radiance: 80% of subjects observed an improvement in the appearance of their skin*

    Your skin becomes softer and smoother. Your complexion is radiant.

    *Scientifically tested active ingredients

      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure
      [IN] GLOW Radiance Cure


      • Efficiency

        Scientifically proven results
      • naturalness

        95% natural ingredients
      • Quality

        100% Made in France
      • Sensoriality

        Pleasant tastes, smells and textures

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