Why did I create Florêve?

I grew up in contact with nature, in my grandfather's vast garden. In each season, the flowers offered a magnificent colorful spectacle.

We used impatiens petals to color our fingernails, incorporated young tree leaves into our omelettes, and added flowers to our soups for special flavors.

During our meals, Mom always explained to us the benefits of the different plants.

These childhood memories have become real treasures that nourish my spirit even today.

In my heart, flowers are associated with joy, vitality and beauty. This is why I chose to study pharmacy at university, with the aim of immersing myself in the scents of the lavender fields. In 2010, I therefore decided to go to France.

Living and working with flowers was my dream. This is what gave the name to this brand: Florêve is the fusion of the words "flower" and "dream".

I want to share this sweet dream, this deep passion, with friends who have the same vision.

In 2015, the Florêve brand was born from my heart, emerging in the light of a blooming spring in Paris.

Our values

  • Efficiency

    Our conception of beauty offers visible results quickly thanks to beauty treatments that deeply nourish the skin and hair with active ingredients absorbed orally.

    Our complementary treatments bring immediate comfort to the skin and hair. All our results are scientifically proven.

  • naturalness

    Each Florêve Paris formula is the subject of extensive research by our laboratories to be as natural as possible, with minimalist ingredient lists. The active ingredients selected come from nature and traditional Chinese medicine.

    Beauty cures contain on average 97% natural ingredients.

  • Quality

    Florêve Paris beauty treatments follow a strict formulation process: Active ingredients - Vitamins and minerals - Natural antioxidants.

    They are manufactured under pharmaceutical control, following the same requirements as the manufacture of drugs.

    Finally, all our products are 100% made in France.

  • Sensoriality

    Because beauty is also having fun, we have worked on each of our beauty treatments so that they offer a delicious taste to drink every morning.

    Complementary treatments, on the other hand, have scents and textures designed to offer a complete sensory experience.

Our Philosophy

Florêve Paris has created a new holistic beauty that acts both inside the body and on the surface of the skin for a more effective and longer lasting action.

For millennia, nature has provided us with precious ingredients with multiple powers for body and soul. Traditional Chinese medicine knows the best kept secrets of nature, often misunderstood or forgotten in the West.

By combining ancestral beauty ritual from Asia and cutting-edge technology in France, Florêve Paris selects the most precious natural ingredients and transforms them thanks to French pharmaceutical know-how, to deliver a concentrate of effectiveness in an ampoule. It is this alliance of know-how from two cultures that makes Florêve Paris unique.

Notre rôle

Florêve est une marque dévouée à ses clients : nous mettons nos oreilles attentives à votre disposition pour écouter vos attentes, et nos yeux sont constamment à la recherche des ingrédients les plus appropriés pour satisfaire vos besoins.

Nos partenaires