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[IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure

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The beauty treatment for voluminous and fortified hair with propolis and organic bamboo extract!


    3 star ingredients:


    Keratin is an essential compound of the hair which helps to make it more resistant to stress and daily demands.

    We have selected a pure keratin, rich in amino acids and made easily assimilable thanks to a patented extraction process, for a much deeper and lasting action.

    Keratin also strengthens nails.


    Field horsetail acts on the hair follicle cycle to reduce hair loss.

    It is a powerful antioxidant, composed of a complex of vitamins and minerals that help strengthen and grow hair.


    Sage is a medicinal plant used since antiquity and helps reduce stress and regulate hormonal activity, the major causes of hair loss.

    It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to protect our hair against free radicals.

    To these exceptional ingredients, we have added a complex of honey and royal jelly to improve microcirculation and the regeneration of hair cells, as well as fruit juices for natural antioxidants and good taste.

    Ingredients for 15mL (1 vial):

    Buckwheat honey 4000mg, Keratin hydrolyzate 500mg, Hydroglycerin extract of Propolis** 500mg, Vitamin C 80mg (100% of NRVs), Sage dry extract (Salvia officinalis) 50mg, Horsetail dry extract (Equisetum arvense) 50mg, Royal Jelly 50mg, Dry extract of Bamboo tabashir \* (Bambusa bambos) 40mg including silica 30mg, Zinc 2.5mg (25% of NRVs*), Vitamin B5 1.5mg (25% of NRVs*)

    *NRV = Nutritional Reference Value

    ** From Organic Farming


    Drink one ampoule every morning on an empty stomach. Drink it pure or diluted in a little water according to taste.

    During periods of stress, high exposure to pollution, or lifestyle changes, we recommend a 2-week treatment.

    For a vitality treatment during periods of stress, intense fatigue, and/or significant hair loss, we recommend a one-month treatment.

    For a complete scalp renewal treatment, we recommend a treatment period of 2 to 3 months.

    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and do not consume other dietary supplements simultaneously.

    This product cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

    Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before use.

    Store in a dry place, protected from light, at room temperature.

    Keep out of reach of young children.



    From one month of treatment,

    REDUCES hair loss: 3.8 times less hair loss*

    After three months of treatment,

    STIMULATE hair growth: +18% hair growth

    STRENGTHENS the hair fibre: 6 times more resistant and +95% hair volume

    Your hair is denser and more resistant.

    *Scientifically tested active ingredients

      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure
      [IN] YOUTH Anti-Hair Loss Cure


      • Efficiency

        Scientifically proven results
      • naturalness

        95% natural ingredients
      • Quality

        100% Made in France
      • Sensoriality

        Pleasant tastes, smells and textures

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