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Our summer selection

  • [IN] GLOW - Slim Inside

    The natural slimming cure for a refined line and an energized body.

    [IN] GLOW Slim Inside is the cure to drink to capture and burn fat and limit your blood sugar.

    Your body is refined, you feel more energized.

  • [IN] DETOX - Slim Inside

    The draining cure for a body prepared for weight loss. [IN] DETOX Slim Inside is the cure in the form of drinking sticks to drain the body, reduce appetite and the feeling of fatigue. Your body is detoxified, you feel lighter.

  • 4 [IN] GLOW Radiance Masks

    The sheet mask, a beauty ritual originating in Asia, forms a barrier that retains moisture longer and therefore allows more time for the ingredients to penetrate the skin, unlike topical cream which will dry out on contact with the skin. air.

  • 4 [IN] YOUTH Anti-Aging Masks

    The effectiveness of a concentrated serum in a sheet mask for instantly plumped and smoothed skin - [IN] YOUTH Anti-Aging Mask is a sheet mask made of ultra-fine natural fibers to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 15 minutes. Your skin regains comfort and firmness.



After trying all the possible anti-blemish treatments - which were drying out my skin more than anything else - I wanted to try something different. Thanks to the [IN] Detox cure, I hardly have any pimples anymore. No drying effect, my skin has finally regained all its comfort.

Margaux 22 years old

I recently discovered nutricosmetics. In just a few days, my skin is much more deeply hydrated. And in two weeks of treatment, I have a really luminous complexion. Also practical for girls like me who don't have time to apply lots of creams!

Christiane 63 years old

From the 1st week, my skin was smoother and plumped up, I also noticed that my imperfections were much less visible. The 2nd week, my lines of fatigue were almost no longer visible and my skin was of much better quality. I no longer used foundation. At the end of the treatment, my wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are almost no longer visible.
Those around me noticed that I had rested features, others asked me if I had changed my cream. So I explained that it was not a cream but a cure to drink, and that the collagen and the various ingredients of this cure worked very well on me. I am delighted with the results of the treatment, in my opinion much more effective than the anti-aging creams that I have already been able to test before!

Stephanie, 40 years old

I wanted to turn to injections to lessen the effects of time on my face, when my dermatologist told me about drinking blisters. In one month, I obtained an unparalleled result: a superb healthy glow, luminous, firmer and plumper. For the moment, this seems more effective than resorting to surgery, which would seem much less natural. I am naturally young!

Christine, 63 years old

Coming out of winter, my skin is very dull and tired. No cream could help me, only the sun seemed to do my complexion good. A friend recommended [IN]Glow to me. I tried it and it's true that my skin gained a beautiful glow!

Stephanie 40 years old

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